As part of your course activities, you are to write responses for selected reading assignments and movie viewings and post these to a discussion board.  These responses should say something meaningful about what you have read or viewed and should be about a page or so in length (These usually should be a min. of 300 words but can be more).   This would be roughly one typed double-spaced page.  These will be directed responses that will require you to answer a specific question that I pose.  These questions will be posed for you on the schedule page.

The content of your response is directed and should answer the question posed by doing each of the following:

1.Discuss ideas found in the selection only (no veering off topic onto personal examples or experiences).
2.In your response provide specific examples from the reading or film itself (quote specific lines) and explain your choices.
3.       Your response should demonsrate that you have closely read or viewed the text and clearly undersand it.
4.  Posts should be meaningful.  Avoid general statments at all times.  In your responses to other students, avoid statements like "This is good," "I liked this," or "Your post rocks!"  Instead your posts should demonstrate your ability to think critically.

After you have posted your original 300 word min. response, you will be asked to respond to the posts of other students.  Typically these should discuss how/why you  agree or disagree with the ideas/perceptions that other students had about the various works or discuss how/why you think the ideas/perceptions of anotherstudent had about this work connect to earlier works we have read as a class, or what new ideas your classmate's post prompted for you.  You will be asked to respond to two students in a min. of 150 words each (300 words total).

The schedule will state a specific date & time responses must be posted to the discussion board. 

Responses submitted directly after the due date/time up to 24hrs. after the due date will receive half credit.  Credit cannot be received for responses submitted any later than that.