As part of your course activities, you are to write a reader response for selected reading assignments and post these to Ulearn by the scheduled due date. These responses should say something meaningful about what you have read and answer the question posed in the assignment instructions on the course schedule.  These should be a min. of 300 words (but can be more) unless otherwise instructed by course schedule. 


The ideas found in your response must be your own.  You may not use outside sources.  Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. See the course syllabus.

The content of your reader response is directed and should answer the question posed by doing each of the following:

1.Discuss ideas found in the selection only (no veering off topic onto personal examples or experiences). Keep in mind that in this response you are forming a brief argument in response to the question posed by the prompt. You must support this argument with quotes from the text under discussion.

2.In your response provide specific examples from the reading itself (quote specific lines of dialogue/text and/or identify specific pages and frames) and explain your choices.  These choices are your evidence that the points you are raising about the reading are valid.

3. Your response should demonstrate that you have closely read the text and clearly understand it and include a minimum of one quote from the text that is discussed.

The schedule will state a specific date & time responses must be posted to Blackboard.  

Late responses will not be accepted.