Lunar Eclipse

By the way, it was a celestial event
as simple as any could be when I
first saw you there perusing the coffees
on the shelf, Columbo Narino Supremeo,
Guatemala Antigua, and Arabian Mocha Sanai, the
most exotic and unpredictable.  Occultations
like this are rare when darkness
magically returns to light when
one’s past loves and hurts
are immediately and completely hidden when
the orbits of our lives come together in an instant
the past moving into shadow

At a small table by the window
I sit transfixed by your smile, mesmerized
by what you call your “droopy” eyelids.   In Starbucks
for three hours, nothing else mattered
not the carmel macchiato
or the viente iced chai
you sipped from, not past nights
spent gazing at stars with someone
else, not paths traveled before
or even the hot daddy in tight sweats
who walked by our table and

by the way, although astronomical events
like this one are rare, that
rarity alone makes them an endeavor
worth chasing, all night that night
and days later, the image of your boyish grin
still lingers and your shyness
still has my stomach in knots
and I think I’ll always
be lost, floating, somewhere
far away, lost in your brown eyes

--Ken Harmon