ENG 0001:  Writing Workshop 
TR 3:00-4:00
Summer Bridge 2022
Tentative Course Schedule

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

Week 1
T 7/12              GWR Exam

                         For Next Time:  
  •                Complete sentence structure exercises (handouts)

R 7/14              Sentence Structure (Basic parts of speech, run-ons, fused sentences, 

                         For Next Time:  
  •                Complete comma exercises (handout)

Week 2
T  7/19            Commas 

                         For Next Time:  
  •                Complete pronoun exercises (handouts)

R  7/21              Pronouns and Modifiers; Verbs (parts of verbs, subject-verb agreement, tense)

                         For Next Time:                           

Week 3            

T 7/26              GWR Exam

                         For Next Time:  

  •                Complete punctuation exercises (handouts) 

R  7/28            Punctuation 
                         For Next Time:   
  •                Complete paragraph development exercises (handouts)  

Week 4

T 8/2               Paragraph Development                 

                         For Next Time:  
  •                Complete Essay organization exercises (handouts)

R 8/4               Practice Exam and/or Essay Structure Exercise

                         For Next Time:   

Week 5
T 8/9               Critique Practice Exams        
                        For Next Time:   

Week 10      
R 8/11              GWR Exam