Issue Presentation

As we have already discussed, each person is required to make one (very informal) issue presentation.  On your assigned day, you will sit at your desk and talk about an issue of your choice for approximately five minutes.

First you should locate three-five articles on the library's electronic databases on a controversial topic that interests you.  These articles should represent the for, against, and nuetral stance on your topic.  Read them carefully and be prepared to discuss what you feel are your article's most important points.  As you read, underline important passages and make notes to yourself in
the margins.


  In your talk, you should:

Introduce the issue and your articles (and authors) and summarize their main points; You should also answer the following questions for each of your articles:

What was the title of the article that you read?  Who was the author?
What do you know about the author? What is their background/expertise? Are they credible?  What issue did the article deal with? What was the author's position and what is their purpose in writing this piece? What do you consider a significant piece of
evidence? A particularly strong or weak point? How does the author appeal to logos and pathos (logic and emotion)? Who is the auidence that the author is writing for (For this consider age, race, sex, socio-econmic background, educational level, etc.)? What do you think prompted the author to write this piece? What is the most important thing you learned from this article?  How/why do you agree or disagree with the author?
Clearly present as many points of view on the issue as you can find/think of (for/against/neutral)
Raise point(s) for class discussion

On the day of your presentation you don't need to hand in anything, but it may be a good idea to have a two-three page typed summary of your issue's 3 positions during your presentation along with copies of your three sources. 

Presentation will be graded as follows:

Total possible points:  10/

Speaker demonstrates that they are well informed about their perspective
on their issue and are aware of problems related to it (4 points).

Speaker brings in relevant sources to share with the class and includes them in their discussion (3 points)

Speaker discusses why they are interested in topic and relates their own position (1 points)

Speaker raises points for discussion (2 points)

Check with me at the end of class on the day you present to learn your grade for your presentation.

Grading Scale:
9-10 A
8      B
7      C
6      D
0-5   F

Issue Connection Paper

Throughout the semester, you will listen to 25 issues presented to you by your classmates.  After each presentation and subsequent discussion, you should take notes and write your response to the issue in your notebook.  Make sure to label each response with the name of the person presenting and the main theme of the issue.  Your notes should remind you about the discussion we had and your response to it.  You will begin to see patterns of connection forming among several of the issues.  Connecting issues is a very smart thing to do, as it allows you to see how many issues are intricately related.  As soon as you have decided on the pattern of connections you want to write about, you should begin drafting your issue connection paper.
In this paper, you will discuss at least three people’s presentations and what connections you see among their issues.  Many of these connections will come from class discussions, but you might also connect movies, music, TV, or your own experiences to the issues you choose.  In your paper, you should not only point out the connections you see but also discuss your own responses to these connections.  How does connecting them make some of the arguments presented stronger? What larger issues emerge after you have made your connections? This is a thinking paper as well as an informal argumentative paper.  By simply pointing out the connections you see among the issues and the world around you, you are making an argument.

For Further Study:  See the following student model:
"The Erosion of Privacy"

Should be at least two FULL double-spaced pages (preferably three) with 12 point, Times New Roman font
MLA format
Must have a title other than “Issue Connection Paper”
Due any time after the third presentation; last day to turn in is Tuesday, April 22, 2008.  Please plan accordingly, as the end of the semester is very hectic.  This assignment will require you to manage your time effectively.  When you are ready to turn in your paper, bring it to class in a folder with any notes or drafts.

This assignment is worth 10 points

Grading Scale:
22.5-25   A
20-22.4   B
17.5-19    C
15-17.4    D
0-14         F