ENG 1021:  Rhetoric & Composition II
Spring 2021
Tentative Course Schedule
TR 12:30-1:45pm

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

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T1/19         Course Introduction; Guiding Principles; Writing Myths Discussion; Writing 
                     As a Process

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 1/21):
  •           Complete the "Hello, I Am" Flipgrid post (see Ulearn)
  •           Complete Syllabus Quiz in Ulearn
  •           Set Up Blog; email the Web address to your page (http://wordpress)
                   to Professor Harmon: [email protected] by class time.
  •          Complete Technology Survey

R  1/21     What is Argument? What is a Text? (Intro to Rhetoric & Terms);
                    Strategies for Understanding Visuals; Briefly explain Visual Analysis Essay
                    Image Response #1:  Kevin Carter; Blog post & Discussion

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 1/26):

T 1/26     Blog Post: Image Response #2:  Arko Datta & Blog Post & Discussion
                   Visual Analysis Essay Assignment & Argument Terms from Homework

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 1/28):
  •         Watch professor's lecture for locating 3 images (see week 2 folder in Ulearn).
  •         Begin looking for image for Visual Analysis Essay:  See search terms under 
                  homework for 1/28

R 1/28        Image Response #3: Mary Ellen Mark; Blog Post & Discussion; Introduce Work
                   of Julie Heffernan, Michael Cheval and Duy Huynh

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 2/2): 
  •        Choose 3 images (search terms: Michael Cheval, Absurdist paintings, absurdism
                 and paintings, Surrealism and paintings, Julie Heffernan, or Duy Huynh);
  •        Complete flipgrid discussion explaining image choices

T 2/2       Practice Analyzing Painting (Group); Begin with Initial response freewrite

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/8):
  •         Respond to the posts of two other students on the 3 images flipgrid by
                  2pm on R 2/4.  In your response to each, respond to the following question:
                  Did you have a different response to the image that they have chosen as a topic 
                  for their paper? How is your interpretation different and why? Your response 
                 to other students should be a minimum of 300 words total for the two. 

R 2/4       Invention Work (To be completed in Today's Zoom Class Meeting)    

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/9):
  •         Watch the professor's lecture on Claims and Sub-claims for Visual Analysis 
  •        Write your overall claim and three sub-claims for the image you chose as a 
                 topic for your visual analysis essay.  Gather ideas from your invention to help 
                 you shape this.

T  2/9      Writing Claim, Sub-claim, and Organizing Ideas; Use Practice Image in Groups
                  and complete one group document (submit in group area)

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/11):
  •         First Draft of Visual Analysis Due; Submit to Turnitin folder in Week 4 folder.
  •         Submit a copy of your paper to the Smarthinking tutor by class time (see 

R 2/11      First Draft of Visual Analysis Due; Why Peer Critique? Exchange Papers & 
                  Reminders about content and organization(explained in zoom) 

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/16):
  •          Complete both steps of the Critique Process (in 2 parts:  write questions on
                   draft and answer the peer critique questions I provided) (see Ulearn)
  •          Submit Smarthinking report and revision plan (see Ulearn)

T 2/16      Peer Critique, Visual Analysis with partner; Revision Plan Due; GROUP
                   CONFERENCES; Mention what's due with final daft

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/18):
                   Revise Visual Analysis Essay

R 2/18     GROUP CONFERENCES; mention what's due with final draft

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/23):
  •          Read Short Guide to Writing About Film and Complete Reading Quiz in Ulearn
  •          Complete Quiz in Ulearn (Guide to Writing About Film)
  •          Final Draft of Visual Analysis Due with Reflection
T 2/23        Final Draft of Visual Analysis Due with Reflection;  Discuss Scene Analysis 
                     Assignment and watch short film clip/blog post; T2

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 2/25):
  •           Review Scene Analysis Essay​ Assignment

R 2/25       Analyzing a Scene:  Ex Machina; Live Blogging in Class; Discuss choosing film 
                    and Viewer Response for Next Week

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 3/2):
  •           Read "The Truth of Fact, The Truth of Feeling" by Ted Chiang, 206-230
  •           Complete Both Reading Quizzes in Ulearn
  •           Complete Flipgrid Post:  Why does the author contrast the story of the 
                    narrator and his daughter, Nicole, with that of Jijingi and Sabe?  What 
                    specifically do you think the author was attempting to communicate about 
                    memory, learning/literacy, and/or identity?

T 3/2            Analyze Walking Dead Opening Sequence of The Walking Dead

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 3/4):
  •              Read "The Life Cycle of Software Objects" by Ted Chiang, pp. 62-88
  •              Complete Reading Quiz for pp. 62-88.
  •              Watch Opening Scene of A Quiet Place
  •              Complete Blog Post Analyzing Scene

R 3/4          Prof. Harmon's Conference; NO ZOOM MEETING TODAY;
                     Analyze Scene from A Quiet Place;  BLOG POST MUST BE COMPLETED 

                      Homework (DUE 3/9):

T 3/9          Discuss Scene from A Quiet Place:  How to Begin a Draft and Organize Ideas

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/11):
  •             Complete Claim and Sub-claims to prepare for first draft; use invention work
  •             Read "The Life Cycle of Software Objects" by Ted Chiang, pp. 89-top of 110.
  •             Complete Reading Quiz in Blackboard

R 3/11        Discuss first 110 pages of The Lifecycle of Software Objects; Use Edmund
                    Crispin Definition for conversation?

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/16) 
  •            Watch videos in Ulearn for context for analysis exercise (Black Mirror episode
                     context); see Ulearn
  •            Watch "Metalhead" episode of Black Mirror (season 4, episode 5 and live 
                     blog); see Ulearn
  •            Read "The Life Cycle of Software Objects" by Ted Chiang, pp. 110-133
  •            Complete Reading Quiz in Ulearn
  •            This model will help you understand how to focus and structure your own

T 3/16        Discuss "Metalhead" in context of Scene Analysis Assignment

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/18):
  •             Read "The Life Cycle of Software Objects" by Ted Chiang, pp.133-157 (up to
  •             section 9)
  •             Complete Reading Quiz in Blackboard
  •             First Draft of Scene Analysis Due; Submit to Ulearn
  •             Also submit copy of draft to Smarthinking Tutor via JWU Link

R 3/18         First Draft of Scene Analysis Due; Exchange for Critique; GROUP

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/23):
                     Read "The Life Cycle of Software Objects" by Ted Chiang, pp. 157 (beginning of
                     section 9) - 172
  •            Complete Reading Quiz in Blackboard
  •             Upload Smarthinking report and revision plan as one MS Word file
  •            Continue to work on Scene Analysis Essay

T 3/23       Peer Critique; CONFERENCES

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/25):
  •             Continue to Work on Revisions for Scene Analysis Essay
                     Anders; Choose THE BEST definition of science fiction from the list; be
                      prepared to discuss

R 3/25         Discuss Group Project, Topic Proposal, & Annotated Bibliography; What is
                      Science Fiction Blog Post (Share in Groups; get contact info, & Set up Google
                      Docs for group)

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/30):
  •            Complete Practice GWR exam (by class time on Tuesday)
  •           Complete detailed lecture notes for each video and submit to Ulearn
                    (min. 600 words)
  •           Complete Understanding MLA Quiz in Ulearn

WEEK 11​
T  3/30        NO ZOOM MEETING; Revise Scene Analysis Essay; Complete GWR

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/1):
                      FINAL DRAFT OF GWR EXAM DUE BY 11:59PM ON SUNDAY 4/4 (opens
                      12:01am on 3/29); do not complete before practice exam
                      Polish Scene Analysis Essay

R 4/1           Final Draft, Scene Analysis Due with Reflection; LIBRARY INSTRUCTION;
                      Review MLA

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/6):
  •             FINAL DRAFT OF GWR EXAM DUE BY 11:59PM ON SUNDAY 4/4
                      (very brief)
  •             Complete detailed notes for both videos (min. of 600 words) and submit
                      to Ulearn
  •              Complete MLA QUIZ, Most Common Citations

​​WEEK 12
T 4/6          Topic Proposal for Group Project Due; Continue Review of MLA

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/8):
  •              Complete Academic Voice & MLA Citation Quiz
  •             Open this page in one window while working on the quiz in another.
  •              Annotated Bibliography Due; submit one document for group

R4/8             Annotated Bibliography Due; Work on Group Project/Research
                       Assignment; Create Outline for Draft; Review MLA in Class; Opportunity for

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 4/13):
  •              Complete Claim and Sub-claims for group project (see Ulearn)
  •              Work on first draft of group project (see Ulearn)

T 4/13         Work on Group Project: Drafting

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/15):
  •            Work on first draft; see explanation in Ulearn
  •            As soon as 1st Draft is complete, Submit Group Project to Smarthinking Tutor             (each member of your group)
  •            Upload Smarthinking report and revision plan before class time  
                     (note: 24 hours before Smarthinking report received): Each group member
                     uploads report and individual revision plan to Smarthinking

R 4/15        Drafting:  Group Project

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 4/20):
  •            First Draft of Group Project Due; upload one copy for group
  •            Each Student Uploads a copy to Smarthinking​
  •           Work on Course Portfolio

​WEEK 14
T 4/20        First Draft of Group Project/Research Assignment Due; Upload ONE copy for
                     group to Ulearn; Discuss Revision Plans; work on group project;
                     GROUP CONFERENCES

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 4/22):
                     Continue to work on and revise draft
                     Work on Course Portfolio

R 4/22         Bring Smarthinking Reports to Class; Share with group; develop group    
                       revision strategy

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/28):
  •             Did you receive your SmartThinking report and create a revision plan? Did
                      you upload these to Ulearn?  
  •             Work on Course Portfolio

T 4/27        Work on Revisions of Group Project

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 5/3):
  •             Make final corrections to group project; upload one copy of final draft for
                      group to Ulearn. Each student completes their own individual reflection;
                      follow instructions given in class
                     Work on Course Portfolio

R 4/29        Final Draft of Group Research Essay Due with Reflection;

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 5/4):
  •             Portfolio due; make sure pages are visible to visitor of page

T 5/4          Portfolio due