You will critique one speech inside the classroom setting this term.  I will provide two opportunities to evaluate and in-class speaker.


The content of your paper should address what you learned, good or bad, about giving presentations/speeches.

You should also describe the effectiveness of the speaker in each of the categories below:

Speaker’s Main Topic or Thesis (Was is clear to you? Why or Why Not?)

Organization (Did the speaker have an effective intro with an attention getter and preview main points?  Did the speaker use a clear organizational method? Was the conclusion effective?  Was there a logical sequence to the speaker's main points?)

Speaker’s Knowledge of the Topic:  (Did the speaker appear knowledgeable? Why or why not? Were there specific things that the speaker did or said to build ethos (credibility) for themselves?

The speaker’s body and voice in delivery (see chapter 14 in your textbook)
Level of presentation: Was the content of the speech appropriate for the audience? 

Comment on the quality/effectiveness of visual aids (if applicable)

Rate the Overall Effectiveness of the Presentation/Speech: 1   2   3   4   5, where 5 is very effective.  Explain your reasoning


Your critique should be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins all around, Times New Roman Font, & 12 pt.   It should be a minimum of two pages and no more than three.  In the upper left corner, please have the following info:

Your name
ENG 1030
Speech Critique
Prof. Harmon
Date you hand in assignment

Each page should be numbered in the upper-right corner with your last name and the page number as such:   Jones 1, Jones 2, etc.