Body Language
By Kevin Rice

It was 8:00 PM on a frosty Friday night in the middle of December. My parents were out of town, my sister was working a midnight shift, and I was stuck in a warm vacant house with nothing to do. I was fifteen so driving anywhere was not an option that I had. I was stretched out on the couch  dwelling on the fact that I had no plans for the night or no ideas of what I could do. I closed my eyes and meditated on the music that was coming from the TV, and recalled what a horrible day I had. I shook my head in disgust at how pitiful I looked just laying around . Within about five minutes, the phone began to ring and I rushed frantically to answer it. It was Adrian, and I had been wanting to talk to him all day. The sound of his voice always caused a warm jolting sensation through my entire body. I calmed myself as he asked if he could come over to spend some time with me. I immediately wanted to say yes, but before I could I thought about what were the chances of my sister coming home and interrupting. I thought about it for a second and then I told him to be on his way. My heart was jumping out of my chest as I began to get myself ready. I ran through the house manically making sure that everything was perfect. Finally I was done and I was ready. I sat down for a few minutes to relax, when I heard the ding dong of my door bell.
My heart began bursting with anticipation as I approached my door. I gently grabbed the doorknob, twisted it, and opened the door to slowly reveal my guest. He looked like a 5’8” Hershey’s chocolate bar that was formed into the shape of a slender chiseled face gorgeous male. He was the epitome of physical perfection, and just like with any other Hershey’s candy bar, I could not wait to unwrap the wrapping. As soon as he entered my excitement began to pour out. I lost control of my rate of speech and started to resemble the sound of an auctioneer. He pulled me closer to him and grabbed my hand in an attempt to cure my nervousness. I must admit, it helped to some degree but it caused me to experience a feeling I had never felt before. I could not understand why I was so nervous to be alone with him. After all, we had been together for a month already but I guess it was because we had never touched. He suggested that I turn off the lights to set the tone for a calm atmosphere. He spread himself out across the couch and I lied on top of him as we conversed and watched music videos on television. I laid my head upon his chest as thoughts were rapidly racing through my head. I had never been so close to someone before. He caressed my head and asked if anything was wrong  and I quickly answered with a “no”. He then began  to tell me exactly how he felt about me. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about you and I never want to lose you,” said Adrian. Before I could say anything he grabbed me and planted his lips against mine and we began to kiss.
While we were kissing, I filled with warmth and fear at the same time. Not only was this my first kiss, but it was with a guy. The mere thought of it made my stomach drop instantly. I could not believe what I was doing. My thoughts were causing me to feel severely uncomfortable but my actions were causing me to feel ecstatic. I knew I wanted it and I knew I liked it but the idea of same sex relations being unacceptable and wrong was implanted into my mind. As we continued to kiss, the idea was compressed and removed from my mind. I never knew I could use my lips in such ways and I began to use my hands in ways I had never used them before either. He started undressing me vigorously until I was down to my underwear and I returned the favor. “Why are you shaking,” Adrian said. “Don’t be afraid.” I simply nodded and continued to kiss and touch him. “This isn’t so weird after all,” I thought to myself. Adrian then changed the paces of things. His kisses began to trickle down my torso like water on a aluminum washboard. 
My body twitched and shook as the pleasure took control of my nervous system. I was high on desire, pleasure, and love and I was enjoying every second of it. The trio had me floating on an imaginary cloud that I could not see, but could only feel. I rolled him on top of me and clutched him tight to me like a personal treasure. The warmth of our bodies pressed against each other felt better than any other forms of heat I had experienced. It caused me to want to continue our physical conversation. I started kissing his neck and descended down his torso at a continuous rate and my tongue led the way back to the top of his chest. Before I made it to his clavicle I decided to let my tongue travel to his miniature twin mountains. My tongue cascaded upward around the mountain on the left first, then it traveled east to the mountain on the right. As time progressed, his body began to tremble uncontrollable. His body was speaking to me, but the message was lost in translation until Adrian began to mumble. His “oohs” and “ahhs” were similar to the unformed words of babies. His movement was about to be too much for the couch so we rolled onto the floor.
The floor was spacious and had no boundaries. Our undergarments were gone and we began attacking each other like two wild animals in heat. We kissed and touched almost every inch of our bodies. My entire body was sensitive and my blood seemed to be flowing through my body like an aggressive river. Most of me was laying down while one part of me was still standing. Each beat of my heart was packed with emotion. All of the pleasure had magnetized us both, causing us to stick to each other like a positive and a negative side of two different magnets. Nothing could break the magnetism until his cell phone rung.
“Damn, I forget I had to pick up my sister,” said Adrian. “I don’t want to leave but I’m going to have to or else she won’t have a way home.” “It’s fine, I understand,” I said. I slowly located my clothes and put them back on as I thought how really mad I was he had to leave. It was not his sister fault that he had to come and pick her up, but at that moment I hated her for it.  After I finished getting myself dressed, I helped Adrian locate the remainder of his clothing. The fact he had to leave deflated my heart, and blood alone could not inflate it again. I walked Adrian to the door and followed him outside to his car. It was freezing, but I was still burning inside from prior activity. “I’ll call you when I get home” said Adrian. We hugged and kissed one last time before he drove off. As I walked back into my house, I thought about how much more I cared about him, and how much really happened and in this one evening. I had done things that for so long I had thought were wrong, but I was incredibly satisfied with the results. I felt like I possessed the fierceness of a lion, as if nothing could ever stop me again from being true to myself. I never expected what happened to occur, but I am so glad that it did.