LIT 3015 Term Project Proposal

The topic proposal is your written commitment to me to a specific focus or your end of term paper.  

Choosing an appropriate subject is a critical step in the success of your project. It can be also one of the more difficult steps. So plan to allot a few days to consider ideas, investigate availability of relevant materials, and get feedback from me and librarians as you begin any research assignment. (You can make contact now with a research librarian at the J&W Library if needed).

Be sure you review the instructions for End of Term Project to ensure your understanding of the assignment and what you are asked to do.

Your proposal  should be 250-300 words long and respond to the following four items (roughly a paragraph or so for each item):

a.  Introduce the issue, and then present it in question form (this is a brief explanation of the general topic with an explanation of how it fits the criteria for the project and the more specific research question you plan to examine in your paper).

NOTE: This question will be initially formed based on the knowledge you possess before you formally begin the project.  It will, however, change and evolve as you read through your research material.  This question will later be used to develop a tentative thesis.  your thesis is a word-one answer to your research question.

b.  Explain why the topic is interesting/compelling to you.

c.  Describe what you already know about the topic.

d.  Describe what more you need to learn and where you plan to find your information.

Be sure that your proposal is typed, double-spaced, & Times New Roman Font, 12 point.