Online Manners for Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards are vital in this class, so please follow these rules. I’m looking for critical thought, and I always pose very specific questions for each of your discussion board posts. Make sure that you always answer the question and demonstrate that you have read the text and clearly understand it.

Remember that each of these posts will be graded. All of your posts count for a fairly signicifcant portion of your grade.

Also, make sure all discussions are relevant to the topic- not personal and information-gathering… Eg: “does anyone want to go to the movies? Is anyone in this class interested in a new job?” I have seen it all!

No negative comments

No condescending language.

No cursing.

No character assassination (including mine!)

Be polite: Although we cannot see one another when we are online, we should interact as if we could and address one another by name.

Use standard formal English: This is an English class. Think about the speech that newscasters use; emulate these speakers and writers.

Show your best side: We learn about one another through our writing, so spelling and grammar provide that “first impression.” Proof your writing, especially on the Discussion Board. (Create your posts in Word so you can spell check; then copy-paste.)

Share your expertise: We all have strengths and life experience to share. When a classmate has questions about an area in which you are knowledgeable, offer to help!

I don't expect all of you to agree with one another.  In fact, I DON'T WANT you to agree with one another, and I don't want you necessarily to agree with myself either.

Just be polite in your disagreements.  Respect each others views, even though you may not necessarily see eye to eye.