Peer Critique:  Exploratory Paper

Please read your peer’s draft and answer the following questions thoughtfully and thoroughly on a separate sheet of paper.  Simple “yes” and “no” answers are not acceptable.  Answer each of the questions below using complete sentences.  If you feel inclined to answer yes or no, explain why you are answering this way.
This is not a test to see if you have done things “correctly”; rather, this is an opportunity for you to receive responses and feedback about what you have written from a reader who is familiar with the goals of this assignment.
After you have finished with your response, make sure your name is on the critique you have written.  You will then give it back to the author, and the author will read it and make necessary revisions.  Each author should have a peer critique with a name on it in his or her folder when turning in the exploratory paper.  I will look for the name on your sheet and give the appropriate person credit for completing the critique.

1.What do you think of the title? Is it both interesting and informative?
2.What is the issue that this paper will discuss? Does the author accurately explain the exigency (background) of the issue? Does the introduction grab your interest?
3.  Read through the introduction and assess the thesis.  Is it clearly stated?  If you have trouble identifying it, please say so.
4.Does the author clearly explain at least three positions on the issue? What are the various positions as described by the author? Name and summarize each.
5.  Does the author explain how each source appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos?
6.  Does the author specifically identify the audience and overall claim for each of their sources?
7.Does the author use credible and serious sources? Copy some sentences that support your answer.
8.  Jot down the organization of the essay in a brief list or outline.  Are there any places where you became lost? Is the organization easy to follow? Does it make sense?
9. Does the author include their own clearly explained opinion/position at the conclusion of the paper?
10.  Doe the writer clearly introduce each source? use author tags? cite each source properly?  How so/how not?  Are there any areas in the draft where you are unsure where the information came from? Note any changes that are needed.
11.  Does the writer have a works cited page? Is it formatted properly?  Are all sources cited in the paper found on the works cited page?
12.   Does the author avoid the use of  argumentative language?  Always make use of qualifers and author tags (see class notes)?  Avoid the use of contractions, informal language or slang, or the first person (“I”)? How so/how not? Explain. 
13.Add any editing suggestions you might notice while you’re reading.
14.What additional suggestions can you give the author?