Solamente llenas mi alma de alegría

Without you close to me, my heart
Is like shards of shattered eggshell, brown
brittle leaves swirling across cracked
Black asphalt of the distance between us.

At night I pull my pillow close
And imagine your body
next to mine and I dream
of amber daylily, swaying
In the sweet summer breeze and leaves
of elm whisper your name

I dream I hold you beneath pale blossom
Of magnolia, petals heavy with pollen
And kiss your lips, silky smooth
like slick waxy leaves.

Like pink, fragrant blossom of mandevilla
Tendrils gripping rosewood arch
You have crept into my heart
It will never be the same.
Solamente llenas mi alma de alegría
(Only you fill my soul with joy)
                                             -Ken Harmon