LIT 2001 Course Schedule, Fall 2014

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WEEK 7    WEEK 8    WEEK 9    WEEK 10   WEEK 11 

Note:  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments


W 9/10     Introduction to the course; Review syllabus and Text: 
               How do our bodies shape our understanding of ourselves? 
               Critical Reading and Critical Thinking; Set Twitter Accounts in class;
               Intro Discussion & Critique Groups

               For Next Time:
        Read "Raymond Carver's "Little Things"
  •         Complete Diagnostic Essay:  What role does the opening paragraph play in the
               unfolding of this story and what makes it so important to the
               story's overall theme (message)?  Your essay must be a minimum of 5
               well-developed paragraphs, and you must support your argument with
               examples/quotes from Carver's text.
  •         Upload completed diagnostic essay to Blackboard before class on M
  •         Complete syllabus quiz in Blackboard (See Course Schedule & Submit
               Major Assignments Link<Quizzes)
  •         Be prepared for quiz

M 9/15 The Ingriedients of Fiction; Discuss O'Connor;  Analyzing Visuals;
               "Portrait of Self as Agnostic" by Julie Heffernan; Thematic connections
               between the two texts????
               Visual Rhetoric

               For Next Time: 

-Read "Why I Wrote the Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (before you read the story)

  • In a response of at least 300 words do Reader Response 1 by answering the following question and then post your response to Ulearn by class time on W 9/17: Identify a theme that you feel is important; argue and explain why 
        this idea is important and relevant in the work. Support your argument with evidence/quotes from the text.
        Study for quiz on Fiction Terms 
  •         Complete quiz in Ulearn


W 9/17     Quiz on Fiction Terms; Discuss "The Yellow Wallpaper” & Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini
               Wedding; Mary Ellen Mark's The Damm Family

               For Next Time:
•             Read  "Crysanthemum's" by John Steinbeck
               answering the following question and then post your response to Ulearn by class time on M 9/22: 
               Examine the characterization in Stienbeck's story; In your opinion, who is the protagonist of this story?
              What is their conflict? What  type of conflict(s) are present (i.e., man vs. man, man vs. society,
               etc.)? Support your argument with evidence from the text.  Answer these questions 
               by posting a response of a min. of 300 words to your blog by class time on M 9/22.
        Read What is Literary Criticism?
        Read Chapter 1 of Saga
               Oates' "Running" (see homework for M 9/22).This is due on W 9/24 and must be
                  presented in class to other students.  BE PREPARED TO EXPLAIN
                  YOUR ARTISTIC CHOICES.

M 9/22      Discuss Gilman & Chapter 1 of Saga; Discuss Essay 1;

               For Next Time: 
        Read “Running" by Joyce Carol Oates (Handout)
               Oates' "Running" (see homework for M 9/22).This is due on W 9/24 and must be
               presented in class to other students.  BE PREPARED TO EXPLAIN 
        In a response of at least 300 words do Reader Response 3 by answering the 
               following question and then post your response to Ulearn by class time on W 9/24:
               Identify a theme that you feel is important in Chapter 2 of Saga; argue  and explain
               why it this idea is important and relevant in the work. Support your argument with
               evidence/quotes from the text (as well as visual evidence).  Post this response to 
               the discussion board for reader response 2 AND to the folder for reader response 2/


W 9/24     Discuss Oates
               For Next Time: 
  •         Respond to the discussion board for Reader Response 3.  You
               can respond to any number of students, but the total word count must be  a min. 
               of 600 words.  This must be completed by class time  on M 9/29.
        First Draft, Essay 1 due (min. 4 FULL pages)

M 9/29   Presentation of comic panels by all students; First Draft of Essay 1 Due; 
                Exchange drafts for peer critique; 


               For Next Time: 

        Complete Typed Peer Critique of partner's fiction paper
  •         Read Chapter 3 of Saga
               identify a theme in Chapter 3 of Saga that you feel is important.  Next, choose ONE
               panel on any page of that chapter and explain how that theme is visually
               communicated through color, line, the use of space, symbolism, etc.) .
               Your response must be posted to discussion board & to RR 3 folder
               by class time on W 10/1. 


W 10/1     Peer Critique Essay 1 due; Continue presentations if needed; Discuss "My Husband’s Back” by Susan Minot; 
                Intro to Essay 2, Poetry; Discuss Mirror Poem exercise

               For Next Time: 
  •         Return to the discussion board for reader response 4 and respond to the posts of
               other students.  You can respond to any number of students, but the total word 
               count must be  a min. of 600 words.  This must be completed by class time
               on M 10/6.   

M 10/6     Conferences

               For Next Time: 
        study for quiz on poetry terms;
  •         Complete quiz in Ulearn
        Read Chapter 4 of Saga
        Read  "Traveling Through the Dark" & "The Lushness of It" (See Handout in Ulearn)

WEEK 5  

W 10/8    Conferences

               For Next Time: 
        Read "Death From Dying Stars" (Handout) & "The Moss of His Skin"
  •         Read Chapters 5 & 6 of Saga
  •         Final Draft of Essay 1 due w/ Reflection; Submit both to Ulearn as one MS Word file no later than class time on T 10/14.
  •         Work on 


T 10/14     Final Draft of Essay 1 due w/ Reflection;  ALL MW CLASSES MEET THIS DAY
               Saga Discussion Group; Discuss poems; Three Ages of Woman & Death

               For Next Time: 
        Read Fat Pig, pp. 1-16
        First draft of Mirror poem exercise due;
        Complete Midterm Evaluation; Don't put your name on the
               evaluation; Bring hardcopy to class.


W 10/15   Discuss Fat Pig; discuss poetry exercise drafts

               For Next Time: 
        Read pp. 17-54 of Fat Pig by LaBute
        Do Reader Response 5: What do you see as an emerging theme in the play? How is
               the body presented as a potential site of conflict in this play? Point to specific lines
               related to this idea and explain their relevance/importance.
               Post this 300 word response to the discussion board by class time on R 10/18  
        Quiz on Drama Terms
  •         Complete Quiz in Ulearn
        Final Draft of Mirror poem Due (Final grade is a reflection
               of quality of work). 

M 10/20  Final draft of Mirror poem exercise due;
               Discuss Fat Pig; quiz Drama Terms

               For Next Time: 

         1st Draft, Essay 2 Due
        Complete LaBute's Fat Pig, pp. 55-84


W 10/22   1st Draft, Essay 2, Due;  Continue Discussion of Fat Pig

               For Next Time: 
•          Complete Typed Peer Critique (Fiction or Drama)

               ACTOR'S THEATRE OF CHARLOTTE @ 7:30PM
               650 EAST STONEWALL ST., CHARLOTTE

                Play Response Due; Peer critique, poetry essay; 

               For Next Time: 
         Read and Explore “Soothe” by Dave Jhave Johnston     
         Read “Death Be Not Proud” by John Donne
         Read “Born Digital” by Stephanie Strickland   


W 10/29   Introduction to Digital Literature; How does Digital Literature form a conversation with other literary and visual art forms? (Donne poem, Johnston, & Strickland)

               For Next Time: 
•             Final Draft of Essay 2 due with Reflection
         Read/Explore Shelly Jackson’s “My Body” (
         Read “Bird Dog” by Ken Harmon (
         Do Reader Response 6: Discuss the “conversation that you see taking place between Jackson’s hypertext
           narrative and one of the visual artistic pieces that we have
           examined.  How does each work form a “narrative?”  How might these be
         Read “The End of Books” by Robert Coover

M 11/3    Final Draft of Essay 2 due with Reflection; Discuss Jackson and other visual artistic pieces; What is hypertext

               For Next Time: 
       Read/Explore “Inanimate Alice”


W 11/5     Peer critique; Discuss Inanimate Alice & connections to poems by Lee and Minot

               For Next Time: 
        Read “Public Secrets” by Sharon Daniel & Eric Loyer              
        Read “Pieces of Herself” by Juliet Davis
        Do Reader Response 7: Create a conversation between one of these pieces and the
               LaBute play that we read earlier in the term.  Your response should be
               posted by class time on M11/10 and be a min. of 300 words.

M 11/10    Discuss “Public Secrets” and “Pieces of Herself” and connections to Fat Pig 

               For Next Time:
  •         Read "Talk, You," by Evan Zimroth (handout)
        Watch “Talk, You” by Evan Zimroth 
        Watch Video for “Text Rain” (
        Read “Unusual Positions” by Camille Utterback 
        Do Reader Response 8: How does Utterback transform or reshape ideas
               about literature, art, identity, and the body in a postmodernist way?   Your response
               should be posted by class time on W 11/12 and should be a minimum of 300 words.


W 11/12   Discuss Zimroth poem (handout), “Text Rain,” and Utterback article; Postmodernism
               and Immersion

               For Next Time: 
        Begin work on final exam 

M 11/17    Reading Day

               For Next Time: 
        Final Draft of Final Exam Due with Reflection
        Final exam must be submitted to Blackboard by 3:50pm on W 11/19 at the latest. You
           may submit it earlier. LATE WORK NOT ACCEPTED. UPLOAD FINAL DRAFT AND

W 11/19    Final Exam Due with Reflection