ENG 1020  Composition
Tentative Course Schedule
Summer Bridge 2021
MTWR 1:15-2:45
F 10:40-12:10

WEEK 1     WEEK 2    WEEK 3    WEEK 4    WEEK 5

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

Week 1
M 7/11              Review Syllabus and Course Course Schedule and Take Syllabus
                          Quiz (see Week 1 folder in ulearn) before First Class 
                          Meeting; Discuss Reading Critically & Why We Do Reader 
                          Responses/Blog Posts; The Rhetorical Situation; Purpose and 

                          For Next Time (Due T 7/13):  
  •                 Complete Syllabus quiz in Ulearn (see Week 1 folder)
  •                  Set up your blog; email Prof. Harmon web address to your page.
                           Read  "From the Mind of a Statistic"  by Tesha Harris                
  •                  Read  I'm Only Twenty  by Brandon Wyatt                      
  •                  Do Reader Response 1 for Harris & Wyatt Essays:  Which essay do you 
                           find  most effective at connecting with their audience and why?  DO NOT 
                          SUMMARIZE PLOT
  •                 Submit to Ulearn: See Week 1 folder

T 7/12                The Writing Process, Purpose, and Audience; Discuss Harris &
                           Wyatt Essays & Introduction to Remembering and Essay 1;
                           Complete a Blog Post; What is Voice in Writing?  Finding your 

                          For Next Time (Due 7/14):   
                          Do Reader Response #2 :  Which of the Strategies for Remembering does 
                         Abbott  use  most effectively and why do you think so? Submit to Week 1 

W 7/13               Describing/Observing; Activity: Observing a Scene;
                           Class Meets in Uptown, Not Classroom

                           For Next time (Due 7/15):

  •                  Revise observing exercise from today's class.  When you revise, make the 
                           description a brief scene from a story that simply reveals the character's 
                           conflict,  this conflict doesn't need to be resolved.   Post revised piece to your 
                           blog.  It must be a minimum of 600 words (but can be more).

R 7/14                Review basic parts of speech; Review Basic Grammar;  
                           Independent & Dependent Clauses 

                           For Next time: (Due 7/16):
  •                   Think about possible topics for Remembered Event
  •                   Do Response 3 :  Freewrite about what some possible topics might be; what 
                            are some events from your life that taught you important lessons?

F 7/15               Why do Invention Work? Planning/Invention; 

                          For Next Time (Due 7/19): 
  •                 1st Version of Remembered Event Due; Upload to Ulearn:  SUBMIT 
                         to Week 2 folder
  •                 Also Upload draft to SmartThinking via JWU Link  

Week 2
M 7/18              1st Version of Remembered Event Due; Submit to Ulearn;
                          Why and How Do You Respond to a Peer's Paper? 
                          Sentence Fragments  (Team-Based Learning); Discuss Commas

                          For Next Time (Due 7/20):
  •                 Typed Peer Critique of Remembered Event Due (both parts); Submit to 
  •                 Revise Remembered Event

T 7/19               Peer Critique remembered event with partner; Continue work 
                          on Commas ; Discuss Why We Do Reflections;  Discuss What is 
                          Due with Final Draft  

                          For Next Time (Due 7/21):
  •                 Complete SmartThinking Report and Revision Plan; Upload the tutor's
                          feedback/report and your revision plan as ONE MS Word file to Ulearn in 
                         the Week 2 folder
  •                Revise Remembered Event

W 7/20               ST Report & Revision Plan Due;  Intro to Investigating 
                           & Explaining;  Academic Research Paper;
                           Discuss purpose of assignment and begin exploration phase 
                           of project. Watch a TED Talk; Discuss Importance of Curiosity
                           and How to Develop a Research Question and Why; How can I
                           Find a Possible Academic Topic?

                          Next Time (Due 7/22):                                                  

  •                 Explore Possible Topics for Research; Develop 3 Research Questions and Post 
                          to Your Blog; 

R 7/21             Discuss Research Questions from Homework

                         For Next Time (Due 7/23):
  •                 Final Draft of Remembered Event Due w/Reflection 
  •                 Upload both to Ulearn as ONE MS Word file.


F 7/22              Final Draft of Remembered Event Due w/Reflection;
                         Generating Research Questions; How should I use my
                          research question to develop a tentative thesis and an outline?
                          Intro to Annotated Bibliography;  See example annotated
                          bibliography;  Discuss Introducing Sources, Signal Phrases, & 
                         Databases (Explore); Preview Annotated Bibliography

                          For Next Time (Due 7/26):
                          Century Pop Culture:  From Cult Status To Mainstream
                          International Multimedia Success" by Maurice Davis
                          response  to Ulearn : 
                          What is the thesis of this essay? Identify  the specific sentence. 
                          Does the author correctly  introduce sources, use author tags
                          and qualifiers? Does the author fully develop her ideas and
                          provide good examples? Were there places you wanted more
                          information?  Was this author credible to you? Why
                          or why not?

Week 3
M 7/25             How to Locate Sources Using the Library's Databases; 
                          Organizing a Research Paper;
                          Research Topic Proposals Due

                          For Next Time (Due 7/27):    
  •                 Watch Understanding MLA Video Lecture part 1 and part 2 
  •                 Take Notes (mini. 600 words for two videos combined); upload notes to Ulearn
  •                 Complete Understanding MLA Quiz in Ulearn

T 7/26               Library Instruction 

                          For Next Time (Due 7/28):   
  •                  Take notes as you watch both videos; notes should be 600 words total for both
                          videos combined.
  •                   Upload notes to Ulearn and take Most Common MLA Citations
                           Quiz in Ulearn 

W 7/27              Creating an Outline; Review MLA (sample paragraph)

                           For Next Time (Due 7/29):  
                           Complete Academic Voice and MLA Citation Quiz

R 7/28              CLASS MEETS ONLINE; Annotated Bibliography Due; Day to 
                          Work on Outline

                          For Next Time (Due 7/30):  
​                          Complete Outline of Research Paper; Upload to Ulearn by class time.

​F 7/29              CLASS MEETS ONLINE; Outline of Research Paper due; 
                          Day to Work on Research Paper; Begin Draft; First 2 pages due 
                           by Monday

                         For Next Time (Due 8/2):   
  •                 First Two Pages of Academic Research Project due; Upload to Ulearn

Week 4
M 8/1                First TWO PAGES of Academic Research Project due;
                           SUMMARY VS. ANALYSIS: What's the difference? 

                          For Next Time (Due 8/3):   
  •                 Read Excerpt and summarize its ideas. Submit to Ulearn
  •                 Continue to work on Research Paper

T 8/2                Practice Analysis in Class; Submit by 1:15pm

                          For Next Time (Due 8/4):  
  •                First Draft of Research Paper Due; submit to Ulearn
  •                Upload draft to Smarthinking Tutor via JWU Link

W 8/3               First Draft of Academic Research Project Due; Exchange Papers
                          for Critique; Why do we Critique?
                         A Problem/Solution Email (with a partner); Formatting and 
                         Content (Steps)

                           For Next Time (Due 8/5):  

R 8/4              Peer Critique; Brainstorm Potential Problem Solution Topics for 
                        Problem Solution Email

                          For Next Time (Due 8/6):  
  •                 Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan Due for Research Paper; upload to
  •                 Continue to work on Research Paper
  •                 Continue to work on Problem/Solution Email

F 8/5                 Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan Due;
                          Review Portfolio; Group Work for Problem/Solution Email 
                          For Next Time (Due 8/7): 
  •                 Work on Portfolio

Week 5
M 8/8              Final Draft of Academic Research Paper Due with Reflection
                         Work with Partner on Problem/Solution Email

                        For Next Time (Due 8/7): 
  •               Work on Portfolio

T 8/9             Work with Partner on Problem/Solution Email

                         For Next Time (Due 8/7):
  •                Final Draft Problem/Solution Email Due; Each partner 
  •                completes their own reflection; submit both to Ulearn
  •                Work on Portfolio
W 8/10             Final Draft Problem/Solution Email Due with Reflection
R 8/11              Portfolio Work Day
F 8/12              Portfolio Due