ILS 2385:  Visual Literacy and the Sociology of Perception
Tentative Course Schedule Spring 2023
MW 11:00-12:15 ACAD 426

WEEK 1        WEEK 2      WEEK 3     WEEK 4     WEEK 5     WEEK 6      WEEK 7       WEEK 8   

WEEK 9     WEEK 10    WEEK 11     WEEK 12     WEEK 13   WEEK 14    WEEK 15     WEEK 16

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

M 1/9       Course Introduction; Blog Post: Plato's Allegory of the Cave; what is the central
                   message of this text, why do you think so, and what is your evidence?
                   HOMEWORK (DUE 1/11):
  •          Complete Syllabus Quiz in Ulearn; See Quizzes link
  •          Set Up Blog; email the Web address to your page (http://wordpress)
                   to Professor Harmon:  [email protected] by class time.
  •          Read "In Plato's Cave" in On Photography by Susan Sontag, pp. 1-19 (See                     Ulearn) and Identify 3 or 4
  •          Identify important quotes.
                  must be minimum of 300 words and must include a minimum of one quote. 
                  You can, however, write more if you wish.

W 1/11      Forming an Argument; What is a Text? Image Response #1: Mark, Children
                   Playing ; Blog Post; Review Strategies for Understanding Visuals (Visual
                   Rhetoric); What does this image communicate sociologically?

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 1/18):             


W 1/18     Blog Post: Image Response #2:
                   from Photographer Marvin Joseph, Untitled; What does this image   
                   communicate sociologically?
                   Watch "How Can We Address Centuries of Racism in Art?"

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 1/23): 
                 notes as you watch.  Include important points, concepts, and quotes.  This
                 counts as responses 2 &3.  Log in to Kanopy database using JWU credentials.
                 Video is 74 minutes.  Your notes should be a min. of 600 words.
                 Begin looking for several print ads (magazine/newspaper) that somehow
                 engage the idea of gender or race. Search "gender and advertising vintage" in 
                 a Google Image search (or use the search term "sexist ads" or something 
                 similar.  Locate an ad where you can see the details of the 
                 composition. Choose one that you would want to analyze in an essay.

                  FOLDER; Analyze a sample ad together; What its central 
                  message (and what is it asking the viewer to do)?  How is this accomplished 
                  through the audience's attitudes about gender/gender roles?

                HOMEWORK (DUE 1/25):  
  •        Return to the Mr. Clean ad discussion board and respond to the posts of two 
                 other students
  •        Do Response 4:  What connections do you see between Berger's text and the 
                Codes of Gender video? Post should be min. of 5 minutes
  •       Have you located your three print ads for Essay 1? Bring them to class on W.

W 1/25  Learning to Apply Rhetorical Theory (Basic Terms); Examine Ad and Do Blog 
                 Post; Discuss Potential Topics for Essay 1 (your chosen ads)

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 1/30): 
  •        Bring Your Ad for Essay 1 to Class
  •        Take Notes; Min. of  600 words; submit to Ulearn; counts as Response 5
  •        Is there any info in these two videos that you questioned the validity of?  Please
                make a note of any examples in your notes.

 M 1/30   Invention Work, Essay 1

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 2/1):
  • ​        Complete claim and subclaims for Essay 1
  •         Do Response 6:  Takes notes; min. of 300 words; submit to Ulearn;
  •         Is there any info in this video that you questioned the validity of? Please make          a note of any examples in your notes.

W 2/1      Visual Media and Society:  The Problem of Fake News; Group Exercise:  Finding
                  the Truth (fact checking using fact checking sites and credible sources)
                  The Credibility Coalition

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 2/6):
  •         locate a potential fake news story (see links provided by professor)
  •         First Draft of Essay 1 Due; upload to Ulearn
  •         Submit Draft to Smarthinking (bring to your conference)

M 2/6     First Draft of Essay 1 Due; Exchange for peer critique. Why Critique?  GROUP

                HOMEWORK (DUE 2/8):  
  •        Complete Typed Critique of Partner's Essay (both parts) and upload to Ulearn
                  as ONE MS WORD file.​
  •        Locate another potential fake news story
  •        Submit Smarthinking Report and Reflection (for Essay 1); Upload to Ulearn

W 2/8      Peer Critique; GROUP CONFERENCES

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/13):  
  •          Locate another potential fake news story
  •          Final draft of essay 1 due with reflection

M 2/15      Final Draft of Essay 1 Due with Reflection; Discuss Essay 2 and possible topics
                   (potential fake news stories); Using databases and annotations

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 2/15):  
  •            Choose online article that you suspect may be "fake news" (you question                     veracity/truthfulness for some reason). See other list of fake news sites in  
                     course announcements​

W 2/15    Does Your Online Article Fail the CRAPP Test? What Zimdar Label Applies?

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/20):  
                  Response 7 :  Carefully read through your chosen online article.  Make sure it 
                  is an original article about a subject that you feel may not be completely 
                 truthful and not just a fact check of a subject. Perform the CRAAP test on your
                 chosen text.  I prefer you choose to work with an article that fails this test.
  •         In a response of 600 words, explain how and why your article fails this test.  
                 Include some of your answers to the questions on both forms (CRAAP and fake
                 news detection) how it should be classified using Zimdar's classifications.  Be 
                 specific about why you think it fits the category.           

M 2/20   Preparing for Essay 3:  Begin analysis of film; discuss film terms; analyze clip

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 2/22):  
  •        With these definitions in mind, in a response of a minimum of 450 words, 
                 explain how the author of the article/"news story" you plan to use for essay 2 
                 attempts to appeal to logos, pathos, and ethos.  Be detailed and provide 
                  examples.  This is an argument and your interpretation of how you think the 
                 author is attempting to influence their  audience and why.  Argue if you think
                 their appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos are "strong" or "weak" attempts to 
                 convince the audience (effective or ineffective). This counts as Response 8.

W 2/22   Analyze film clip

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/27):
  •        Work on Rough Draft of Essay 2 (use ideas from response 7 and 8 to help begin
  •        First Draft of Essay 2 Due on W 3/1; Upload to Ulearn
  •       Submit Draft to Smarthinking when you upload first full/official draft on 3/1

M 2/27    Workday for Draft (can work outside of class)

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 3/1):
  •         Continue to develop and revise Essay 2

 W 3/1    First Draft of Essay 2 Due; Exchange with Partner; Why Critique?

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 3/13): 
  •        Complete Typed Critique of Partner's Essay 2 (both parts); Upload to Ulearn
  •        Submit Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan (both parts) to Ulearn for 
                Essay 2


M 3/13     Peer Critique; GROUP CONFERENCES

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 3/15):  
  •         Review List of Possible Topics for Essay 3
  •         Continue to Review Essay 2

W 3/15    Analyze Clip; Blog; Discuss Clip in Context of Assignment

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 3/20):  
  • ​         Final Draft of Essay 2 Due with Reflection


M 3/20     Final Draft of Essay 2 Due with ReflectionAnalyze Clip; Blog (FINAL DRAFT
                    ESSAY 2 DUE W 3/22)

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 3/22):  
  •           Watch clip from A Quiet Place and complete initial discussion board post 
                    before 11am W 3/23. See Week 10 folder of ulearn for instructions
  •           Return to discussion board and respond to the posts of 2 other students for A 
  •           Quiet Place discussion (see week 10 folder for instructions).

W 3/22    Analyze Clip; Blog

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 3/27):
  •   ​        Read Chapter 3 of Corrigan film text (see Ulearn)
  •          Complete Reading Quiz for Corrigan text (in Ulearn)

M 3/27    Analyze Clip; Blog

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 3/29):

W 3/29    Discuss Clip in Context of Assignment 

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 4/3):

 M 4/3     Analyze Clip (The Walking Dead)
                  Blog; Post to Forum

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 4/5):
  •         Respond to posts of two other students by class time (The Walking Dead)
  •         Complete Claim and Subclaims for Essay 3; Upload to Ulearn

W 4/5     Discuss Clip in Context of Assignment; 

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 4/10):
  •         First Draft of Essay 3 Due; Upload to Ulearn
  •         Also Submit Draft to Smarthinking (BRING TO CONFERENCE)

WEEK 13   
M 4/10    Workday for Essay 3, Scene Analysis

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 4/12):         
  •          First Draft of Essay 3 Due (min. 4 FULL pages up to 6 FULL pages)

​W 4/12     First Draft of Essay 3 Due; Exchange with Partner; Why Critique? GROUP 

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 4/17)
  •             Complete Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan; Upload to Ulearn  
  •            Revise Essay 3, Scene Analysis

M 4/17        Peer Critique; Group Conferences  
                     Discuss Portfolio; Workday for Essay 3 or Portfolio

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 4/19):
  •            Final Draft of Essay 3 Due with Reflection

W 4/19       Final Draft of Essay 3 Due with Reflection; Work day for Portfolio

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 4/24):
  •             Work on Course Portfolio    

WEEK 15​

M 4/24        Portfoliio Workday

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 4/27):
                      Course Portfolio Due; All content placed onto Wordpress portfolio pages;
                      make sure it's visible to a visitor of your page

​WEEK 16
W 4/26       Final Course Portfolio Due by 12:30pm