RSCH 3020
FALL 2023
Tentative Course Schedule

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments


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WEEK 8     WEEK 9     WEEK 10     WEEK 11     WEEK  12     WEEK 13     WEEK 14

WEEK 15      WEEK 16


T 8/29      Introduction to Course;

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 8/31): 
  •          Set Up Blog; email the Web address to your page (http://wordpress)
                   to Professor Harmon: [email protected] by class time.
  •          Carefully review course syllabus and complete the syllabus quiz.

R  8/31      The Rhetorical Situation

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/5):
  •             Complete detailed video notes for rhetorical appeals video and post to Ulearn 
                    (MIN. of 600 words total)​ post to Ulearn (MIN. of 600 words total) 
                    assignment to Ulearn by class time (See Week 1 folder).

T 9/5       Exploring Possible Topics/Issues; Discuss Rhetorical Appeals 

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 9/7):
  •         Read 5-10 articles that interest you (for any reason).
  •         On your blog, summarize the main idea of each article in a minimum of 5 
  •         Complete this week's  journal entry (#1) on your blog              

R 9/7      Introduction to Argument Analysis  

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 9/12): 
  •        From your list of five issues from last class' homewor choose the topic that    
                currently interests you most; locate an article relating to your issue from the 
                library database (Opposing Viewpoints) and annotate it (mark it up) as you
  •       Next, write a three page analysis (3 FULL PAGES) of this
               article by answering the following questions :

               What was the title of the article that you read? Who was the author? What do 
               you know about the author? What is their background/expertise? What issue 
               did the article deal with? What was the author's position and what is their 
               purpose in writing this piece? What do you consider a significant piece of 
               evidence? A particularly strong or weak point? Who is the audience that the 
               author is writing for (For this consider age, race, sex, socio-economic 
               background, educational level, etc.)? What do you think prompted the author to 
               write this piece? What is the most important thing you learned from this article? 
               How/why do you agree or disagree with the author?

               In this three pages you should also summarize the author's main points. This 
              summary counts as reader responses 1, 2 & 3 and should be posted to Ulearn by 
              class time 

T 9/12      Review the core of Argument (triangle) and the Writing Process

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 9/14):
  •          Do Reader Response 4 by posting a 300 word response answering the   
                   following questions by class time on Thursday: Locate another article related 
                  to topic from your earlier list of 5 (or from Reader Response 1, 2, & 3 analysis) 
                  and explain how you see logos, pathos, and ethos at work in the writer's 
                  argument. In addition, identify and discuss what you view as particularly 
                  strong or weak points.

R 9/14     Committing to a Topic 

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 9/19):

T  9/19    Preview Exploratory and Argument Analysis Essay  and Annotated

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 9/21):

R 9/21     Work on Annotated Bibliography

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 9/26):
  •           Complete detailed notes for each video and post to
​                    Ulearn(min. 300 words total)
​                    Neutral, Unbiased Voice
  •          Complete Understanding MLA Quiz in Ulearn (VERY IMPORTANT!)  
  •          Complete this week's  journal entry #3 on your blog


T 9/26      Review MLA

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 9/28):
​                   Works Cited Page
​                   Continued (very brief)
  •          Complete detailed video notes for each video and post to
​                   Ulearn (MIN. of 600 words total; 300 for each video)
  •         Complete quiz in Ulearn (most common citations)
​                   Citation Quiz
  •         Complete Academic Voice & MLA Citation Quiz in Ulearn (30
​                  minutes long); VERY IMPORTANT & Must be completed before class time on     
                 cited page

R 9/28      Review MLA

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 10/3):
                   Annotated Bibliography Due; see example annotated bibliography

T 10/3        Annotated Bibliography Due; Review Exploratory Assignment

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/5):
  •           Do Reader Response 5 by posting a 300 word response to the following 
                    questions to Ulearn by class time on Thursday: Does the author clearly       
                    present three positions on this issue? Which source represents which position?
                   Examine the content of the paper. Does the author adequately answer each of 
                   the questions for each source as outlined in the instructions for this 
                  assignment? Was there something that wasn't explained for something that 
                  could have been explained in more detail?

R 10/5      Drafting the Exploratory Paper

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 10/10):
                    First Draft of Exploratory Paper Due; upload to Ulearn
                    Submit Exploratory Draft to Smarthinking tutor

T 10/10        First Draft of Exploratory Paper Due; Exchange for Peer Critique

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 10/12):
                       Submit Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan to Ulearn
                      Complete critique of partner's paper (both parts) and upload to Ulearn.
                      Complete Journal Entry 5

R 10/12        Continue to Revise Exploratory Paper; Peer Critique

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 10/17):
  •              Final Draft of Exploratory Paper Due with Reflection; Upload to Ulearn as 
  •              ONE MS Word document
 WEEK 8           
T 10/17       Final Draft of Exploratory Paper Due with Reflection; Review Position Paper
                     and Types of Claims; Discuss Chain of Reasons

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/19):
  •             Do Reader Response 6 by posting a 300 word response to the following 
                      questions to Ulearn by class time on Thursday.  Are you convinced the author
                      has provided readers with enough background so he or she can become a
  •             credible part of this conversation? Point out sentences that convince or do not
  •             convince you. How does the author build his or her ethos? Identify the 
  •             author’s claim.  If you have trouble finding it, say so. What is the most    
  •             powerful evidence? Why? What is the least convincing evidence? Why? How
  •            does the author address audiences that might disagree with his or her claim? 

R 10/19         Structuring Your Position Paper

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/24):
  •            Need Further Sources for Position Paper?


T 10/24     Continue to work on structuring position paper

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/26):
                     Begin Drafting Position Paper

R 10/26      Drafting the Position Paper 

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 10/31):
                      First Draft of Position Paper Due; Upload to Ulearn
                      Submit Position Paper Draft to Smarthinking

T 10/31        First Draft of Position Paper Due; Exchange for Critique

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 11/2):
                     Complete critique of partner's paper (both parts) & upload to Ulearn
                     Work on revising Position Paper
                     Submit Smarthinking report and revision plan to Ulearn
                     Complete Journal Entry 7

R 11/2        Discuss Peer Critique   

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/7):

T  11/7       Review Thesis Prospectus

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/9):
  •           Final Draft of Position Paper Due with Reflection;

R 11/9       Final Draft of Position Paper due with Reflection; Begin work on Thesis 

  •           HOMEWORK (DUE 11/14):
  •          Work on Review of Relevant Literature for Prospectus

T 11/14       Continue to work on Thesis Prospectus

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/16):
                    Review of Relevant Literature for Prospectus Due

R 11/16       Begin work on Chapter Outline of Prospectus

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/21):
                    Begin Work on Chapter Outline of Prospectus

T 11/21          Continue to Work on Chapter Outline of Prospectus

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 11/23):
                       Chapter Outline Due
                       Complete Journal Entry 9

R 11/23         Continue to Work on Prospectus (THANKSGIVING BREAK BEGINS)

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 11/28):
  •               Work on Prospectus

T 11/28         Chapter Outline of Prospectus Due; work on Introduction and Conclusion

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 11/30):
  •              Work on Introduction and Conclusion for Prospectus

R 11/3 0       Continue to Work on Introduction and Conclusion

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 12/5):
  •              Introduction and Conclusion to Prospectus Due

T 12/5           Introduction and Conclusion to Prospectus Due; Work on Prospectus Abstract

                       HOMEWORK DUE (DUE 12/7):
                       Thesis Prospectus Due with Reflection (AS ONE MS WORD DOCUMENT)

 R 12/7          Polish Thesis Prospectus

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 12/12):
                      Upload to Ulearn

F 12/12        Thesis Prospectudue by 11:59PM with Reflection