ILS 4320: (De)Constructing Race
Tentative Course Schedule Spring 2022
MW 12:30-1:45 ACAD 431

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WEEK 15   WEEK 16

NOTE: This schedule may change as needed. Your presence in class ensures correct assignments


M 1/10     Course Introduction; FW: What is race and is it important to talk about it? 
                     Discussion;    How Can We Address Centuries of Racism in Art?" by Titus Kaphar

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 1/12):
  •           Read and Study Syllabus Carefully; Complete Syllabus Quiz in Ulearn; See Quizzes 
  •            Set Up Blog; email the Web address to your page to Professor Harmon:
                     [email protected] by class time.  
  •          Do Response #1: How do these sources challenge often generally accepted 
                    definitions of race (including your own? What do you see as the significance of this 
                    info?; 300 words min.; upload to ulearn

W 1/12     Discussion; What is Argument? Important Argument Terms (Theory); 

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 1/19):
  •         Great Britain, Science Education); (1 hour and 30 minutes)​
  •         Do Response 2; Explain how this video appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos; min. 2 
                   pages; upload to ulearn


M 1/17     NO CLASS, MLK JR. DAY

W 1/19    Share Reader Response 2 & Discussion of Video (using clips); blog post
                   The Negro Page by Aelbert Cuyp; Analyzing Images; blog post

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 1/24): 

                  Do Reader Response 3: What do you see as Fields central point (thesis)? Identify the 
                  specific sentence. Does Fields adequately argue and support her thesis? Why or why 
                  not? What are some particularly strong or weak  points made by the author? Explain 
                  what makes them "strong" or "weak."; How does the author appeal to logos, pathos, 
                  and ethos? Min. 450 words


M 1/24    Discuss Fields; 

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 1/26):  

  •        Michael Omi and Howard Winant (Preface to 1994 edition, Preface to the 1986 
  •        edition, and Introduction); (26 pages); 
  •        Do Response 4: What are some important points that Omi and Winant make
  •        and how do they  connect to the others texts we've read so far this term? Response     
  •        should be a min. of 2 full pages

W 1/26    Discuss Omi/Winant; Discuss Essay 1

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 1/31): 
  •         Bernstein (2009); (29 pages)
  •          Do Response 5: What do you see as a significant connection between Bernstein and 
  •         Omi/Winant? Why?  Response should be a min. of 300 words.​
  •         Locate a print ad that somehow engages with cultural expectations of and socially
  •         constructed meanings of race (or select one provided in ulearn).

M 1/31     Discuss Bernstein

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/2):
  •         Come to class with ad that engages with cultural expectations of and socially 
                   constructed meanings of race

W 2/2     Invention Work, Essay 1

                 HOMEWORK (DUE 2/7):
  •       ​ First Draft of Essay 1 Due; min.3 FULL pages; upload to ulearn
                  Also submit draft to Smarthinking tutor (through JWU Link)

M 2/7      First Draft of Essay 1 Due; Exchange for Peer Critique; CONFERENCES

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/9):  
  •          Typed Critique of partner's essay due; Upload to Ulearn (both parts)
                   Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan Due; Upload to Ulearn (both parts as one 
  •         Revise Essay

W 2/9      Peer Critique; How and Why Do We Critique? ST report and revision plan due;

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 2/14):  
  •         Continue to Revise Essay
  •         Final Draft of Essay 1 due with reflection (upload to ulearn as one document)

M 2/14     Final Draft of Essay 1 Due with Reflection; Upload to ulearn as one document; 
                   Introduction  to Film and Film Terms; Race and Film

                   HOMEWORK (DUE 2/16):  
  •          Read Short Guide to Writing About Film and Complete Reading Quiz in Ulearn
                    Complete Quiz in Ulearn (Guide to Writing About Film)

W 2/16     Analyze Film Clip; Blogging

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 2/21):  

M 2/21      Analyze Film Clip; Blogging

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 2/23):  

W 2/23      Analyze Film Clip; Blogging  

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 2/28): 


M 2/28      NO REGULAR CLASS MEETING. Work on Initial discussion Board Post about Black
                     Masculinity in American Culture; Discussion Board in Week 8 Folder

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/2): 
  •            Complete initial 450 word post and submit to discussion board by class time
  •           Watch film for essay 2 (either Django Unchained, Twelve Years a Slave, The Color   
  •           Purple, or Mudbound); Mudbound at Neflix, remainder at Amazon

W 3/2        Analyze Film Clip; Blogging

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 3/14): 
  •           Respond to the posts of two other students on discussion board
  •           First Full Draft of Essay 2 Due; min four FULL pages
                      Submit draft to Smarthinking Tutors (via JWU link)


M 3/14        First Full Draft of Essay 2 Due; Exchange for Critique; Conferences

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 3/16):  
  •              Typed Critique of partner's essay due (both parts); upload to ulearn as one 
  •             Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan, Essay 2 due (upload both parts to ulearn 
                       as one document).

W 3/16        Peer Critique; ST Report and Revision Plan Due; Conferences

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 3/21):  
  •            Final Draft of Essay 2 due with reflection; submit both as one MS Word file

M 3/21         Final Draft of Essay 2 Due with reflection; Watch Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (2
                       hours, 3 min., 1994)

                       HOMEWORK (DUE 3/23):
  •              Locate an article that deals with the historical context of Mary Shelley's 
                        Frankenstein (the novel from 1812); you might want to search the terms "new 
                        historicism" and "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 1812"
                        Read source carefully and complete an annotation; upload to ulearn

W 3/23         CLASS MEETS ONLINE; Complete Film and Discuss in Relation to Film Content; 
                        Monster as Metaphor

                         HOMEWORK (DUE 3/28)
  •               Do Response 6: Choose one scene (3-5 minutes) and argue how this film may 
                         engage with race metaphorically; min. 2 full pages
  •               Locate a library source that deals with in important historical event connected to 
                         the idea of race from the years 1965-1968; Carefully read and complete annotation
  •              Initial Post Due for Online Discussion:  The Modern Idea of Monstrosity in film 
                        (submit before 12:30pm; see detailed instructions in week 10 folder of ulearn)

M 3/28           CLASS MEETS ONLINE; Complete Online Discussion, The Modern Idea of 
                          Monstrosity in Film; Initial post due before 12:30pm; Responses to two other 
                          students due by 2pm

                          Homework (Due 3/30):  
                          watched) engage with the idea of race as the monstrous/monster? Include 
                          a quote from your library article below; min. 2 full pages 
  •                Locate a library source that deals with in important historical event connected to 
                          the idea of race from the years 1986-1989; Carefully read and complete annotation

W 3/30           Discuss Judith Butler and Gender as Performance; Your Behavior Creates Your
                          Gender;  How Discourse Creates Homosexuality; Discuss Group Project and  
                          Annotated Bibliography

                          Homework (Due 4/4):  
                          Do Response 8: How does this film engage with the idea of race as the       
                          monstrous/monster? How does this differ from the monster/monstrous metaphor
                           presented in Do The Right Thing? Are there any simiilarities?               
                          Include a quote from Bennedetti (see 3/21)
  •                Locate a library source that deals with in important historical event connected to 
                          the idea of race and/or sexual identity from the years 2013-2016; Carefully read 
                          and complete annotation

M 4/4             Work on Topic Proposal in Groups

                         Homework (Due 4/6):

W 4/6             Proposal Due; Work on Claim and Subclaims

                         Homework (Due 4/11):
  •               Claim and Subclaims Due (submit one copy for group)

M 4/11           Begin work on Draft: Drafting in class; Discuss Course Portfolio

                        Homework (Due 4/13):
  •               First Two FULL Pages of Draft Due

W 4/13          Revise first 2 pages; drafting in class

                        Homework (Due 4/18):
  •              First Full Draft Due (submit one copy for group to ulearn)
  •              Submit Draft to Smarthinking

M 4/18          Bring draft and Smarthinking Reports to Class; complete Revision Plan; Revise

                        Homework (Due 4/20):

W 4/20          CONFERENCES 

                         Homework (Due 4/25):
  •               Final Draft of Group Project Due (submit one copy for group)
  •               Each group member submits their own inidividual reflection (both parts, 
                         including group grading); 2 pages

M 4/25           Final Draft of Group Project Due with Reflection; everyone submit own individual 
                          reflection, but only submit one copy of the paper for the group

                          HOMEWORK (DUE 5/2):
  •                 Course Portfolio Due (by 3:30pm)

T 4/26 Reading Day

M 5/2 Course Portfolio Due by 3:30PM