Ken Harmon was born in Concord, NC and has lived in the Charlotte area all of his life.  He completed his B.A.  in 1996 at UNC-Charlotte and later completed an M.A. there in 2001.  He completed PhD coursework in the Literature and Criticism Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.    He has taught English Composition at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Winthrop University as well as Central Piedmont Community College, where he also taught American Literature.  He is currently an Associate Professor of English at Johnson & Wales University Charlotte, where he has taught since 2005 .

A writer of  poetry  and criticism, Prof. Harmon's other areas of interest include 20th century and contemporary American Literature, specifically multi-ethnic literature, film studies, visual rhetoric, ecocriticism, environmental writing, eastern philosophy, and politics.  He is an avid reader, photographer, and lover of the arts, and enjoys exploring the outdoors with his two dogs, Gage, a Siberian Husky, and Jackson, "Jack Jack," a golden retriever.


"The deeper you look into yourself, the more you see everyone else.  We are all part of one great soul."
-Kinky Friedman
"Coming Home"
"The Last Time"
"Lunar Eclipse"
"Solamente llenas mi alma de alegría"
"Palmistry:  New Orleans, 1998"
"Learning Curve"
"Down the Highway"
Poetry Reading
"Complications of Love: Munro's in Usual Top Form in New Collection"
"Gathering Fragments:
Despair and detachment move experimental nove"
"No Reservations:
Stories probe cultural snags of being American Indian"
"Surreal Trio:
Millhauser blurs lines between fantasy and truth"
"The Divided Self:
Shepard up to old tricks"
"Love, Sex and All That:
Leavitt short stories up to his usual standard"
"Sex, God, And All The Rest:
Ford explores the illusions of love"
"Small Truths:
Berg's short stories find truth in life's contradictions"
"Daring to Dance"
"The Pull of Memory"
"Love On The Half-Shell"
Louisiana is setting for Faulkneresque tale"
"Chronicler of the Everyday:
Novelist Russo takes 12 years to produce book of short stories"
"It All Ends Sometime:
And other variations on 'parting is such sweet sorrow'"
"We're All Hybrids
Gender, culture, and the all-American hermaphrodite"
Hear Professor H read "The Sting of Old Wounds"

"Ricky Never Tells His Parents He Loves the Gay Bar"