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Ken Harmon
Associate Professor of English,
Johnson & Wales University
Charlotte, NC
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Bellevue Community College:  Useful Links for Writers 
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library
Composition Center
English as Second Language (online tutorial)
English as Second Language Resources
MLA Citation Machine
National Public Radio
Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (OWL)
Perspectives in American Literature:
A Reserach and Reference Guide
Public Television (PBS)
The Atlantic Monthly
The Correct Use of Borrowed Information (Winthrop University)
The Guide to Grammar and Writing
The New Yorker
The New York Times
The Sun Magazine
The Washington Post
University of Central Florida Writing Lab
Research and Writing Step by Step
Easy Bib
Planetary Blog
River of Play
Visual Argument
Visual Argument Proposal and Audience Analysis
The Ultimate Collection of English Grammar Resources
English as Second Language :  Find Your Context