"To succeed, we must first believe that we can."
-Michael Korda

English Comp & Lit 
Ken Harmon
Associate Professor of English
Johnson & Wales University
Charlotte, NC
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J & W Home
"My First Success" by Eryn White
"My Celica, My Dream" by Jeanny Tran
"A Coin Flip Away" by David Younts
 "I Am Only Twenty"  by Brandon Wyatt
"On My Own Two Feet" by Shayla Scott
"A Long Expected Parting" by Nicholas Hough"
"My Angel" by Erin Glenn
 "A Doctor's Neglect" by Patricia Thomopoulous
"The Ides of March" by Tiffany Munson

"Moving On" by Jennifer Story  
 "Tori Bug" by Todd McLean  
"The Waiting Game"  by Whitney Lucas
"Six Months to Live" by Brett Milanese
"Cyclism" by Kate Gardella
"Turning Point" by Matt Newell
"Body Language" by Kevin Rice
"Terry Stevens:  The Man Behind the Art" by Louis Gilmore
 "The Precious Gift" by Hassan Bakhdoud
"Alice Through the Looking Glass" by Christina Franke
"If You Want it, You Can Do It" by Carmen Baro
"JWU:  Another Experiment?" by Brian Cossak
Academic Research Papers
"You Are What You Watch: Media Induced Aggression In Youth Has Skeptics Pointing The Finger At Parents" by Kat Belopolskaya
"Does this Prison Jumpsuit Make Me Look Fat?:  The popularity of Court-based TV" by Jennifer Story

 "Rap Music:  The Disturbing Trend" by Basharat Eneze Sanni
"Realism in War Movies:  The Effect on Our Nation" by Adrian Kroger 
 "Violence in Television and its Effects on Children: Whose Problem is it Anyway?" by Janie Ni 
"Getting Down and Dirty: Sexual Exploitation in Hip-Hop Music Videos May Have Gone Too Far" by Joy Manuel
"The Sexual Content of Movies:  What is the Effect?" by Brittany Jackson  
Visual Analysis
 "Rene Magritte's Son of Man and the Struggle Between Good & Evil" by Javin Sterner
"Connections" by Sheena Zawistowicz 
 "Monkey Trainer's Daughter" by Patricia Thomopoulos
"Totem" by Sheena Zawistowicz 
"Blinded by Sin in Rene' Magritte's Son of Man"   
 "Visual Analysis of 'The Gulf Stream'" by Jennifer Story

"Fire Consumes San Paulo, Brazil" by Susan Long, Vaiya Rucker, Frank West, & Jonelle Smydra
Responding to Fiction

 "Shameful Birthright, Predetermination, and Free Will
 in William Faulkner’s 'Barn Burning'" by Joie Tavener 

"Peter's Bondage in James Baldwin's 'Previous Condition'"
"The Weight of War in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried" by Angela Wright
"The Weight of Things:  Physical and Metaphorical Heaviness in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried" by Phillip Bulter
Responding to Poetry

"Trying to erase the past in Yusef Komunyakaa’s 'Facing It'” by Carol Miller
"Life and Death:  Vivian Bearing as Tragic Hero in Wit"
Responding to Drama

"Vivian Bearing Bears No Tragedy in Margaret Edson's Wit" by Amber Winters
"Bearing: a Meaningful Life" by Danyale Nabors-Washington
Exploratory Paper

"Three Views of Affirmative Action" by John Holland
 "Batterer's Intervention:  An Effective Approach?" by Kasey Gillis  
 "Three Sides of the No Child Left Behind Act:  Where Do You Stand?" by Kris Spillman
"Expensive or Priceless:  Analytical Perspecitves Regarding the Costs of AIDS Prevention and the Application of Global Funds" by Mondale Patterson
"Phsyician Assisted Suicide:  Whose Choice/Voice Is It?" by Nancy Brennan
Position Paper

"No Child Left Behind:  Never Going to Happen" by Kris Spillman  
 "ADHD and Medication:  Miracle or Madness?" by Heather Threatt
Problem Solving Essays

"Power Production & Shortages in America"by Andrew Cochrane, Jason Callendar, & David Mack 
 "Malpractice Suits:  The Problem and the Solution" by Megan Kalminar, Whitney Clark, Evan McClure, & David Younts
"The Electoral College System: It’s Time for a Change" by Caetlyn Briggs, HollyAnne Ostrem, & Bash Sanni
 "Hybrids and Flexible Fuel Tanks: The Solution to Rising Gas Prices in the US" by Anne Haagensen, Meredith Rivellini, and Javin Sterner 
 "Running From Responsibility" by Devin LaCerte, Alena James, and Jennifer Story
Responding to Graphic Novel
Issue Connection Papers
 "Nothing Like a Dark Foreigner" by Eryn White
"On the Water, the STX Reigns Supreme" by Graham West
"The Battle of the Metals: Zepp and Metallica" by Paul Haifley
"Planet of the Apes:  A Timeless Classic" by Jacob Costello
"I'd Rather Be Driving a Titleist" by Mike Goldberg
"Let Me Lighten Your Load:  Carrying the Emotional Burdens in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” by Rebecca Teel

"Wives of Serbian Machine Fabrication Shop Owners Are People Too" by Patrick McNichols
"Food For Thought" by Caitlin Garcia
"The Fight of a Lifetime" by Patrick McNichols
 "Don't Press Snooze" by Bethany McKenna
 "The Great Divide:  Why the Concept of Peace is a Foreign One in the Middle East" by Nicole Elzayek
 "I'd Rather Be at Friendly Grounds" by Susan Long
 "Abstinence-Only Sex Education is Ineffective" by Susan Long
 "Sweet Indulgence in Godiva Chocolate Truffles" by Ashely Bowers
"Abstinence-Only Sex Education:  Is it Really the Best Choice?" by Susan Long
"The Middle East Conflict:  Is There an End in Sight" by Nicole Elzayek
"Nobody to Blame" by Brianna Garber 
"'Green' Architecture" by Keith Hubrath  
"A Link in the Chain: Dreams and Aspirations in Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun" by Shanece Edge, Danielle McAllister, Lindsay Nelson, and Lacey Wright
"The Value of a Variable" by Monica Franklin
"Hole in One: The Pleasures of Oral Sex in Susan Ioannou’s 'Golf Lesson'" by Todd Landree
"Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage: Is It More Than a Religious Debate?" by Lei Cristine S.P. Garcia
"Healthcare Reform:  A Good Investment?" by Lesley Stewart
"Should America Reinstate the Draft" by Stephanie Fry
"Should the U.S. Give More Support to the Homeless?" by Ayla Zimanek
"From the Mind of a Statistic" by Tesha Harris
"Homoerotic Photography  & Imagery In 21st Century Pop Culture:   From Cult Status To Mainstream International Multimedia Success" by Maurice Davis

"Young and Dumb" by Ryan Abbott
"A Modern Representation of Temptation in Randall Kenan's "Run Mourner Run" by Jackson Doeler

"Palpable Patriarchy in Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga, Volume One" by McKinzie Spence
"The Power of Self-Awareness in Alex and Ada" by Nya Powell & Hannah Vogelsong
"The Change of Metamorphosis in Blue by Duy Huynh 
by Cassidy Carr"
"Beyond Green Promises: Unveiling the Hidden Costs of Electrifying Mobility towards a Sustainable Future" by Garrett Hartley