ENG 1020  Composition
Tentative Course Schedule
Fall 2022
MTWR 3:30-4:45

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Week 9    Week 10    Week 11    Week 12    Week 13    Week 14    Week 15    Week 16

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

Week 1
M 8/29           Intro to Course; Begin thinking about topic for Essay 1; Review Guiding

                          HOMEWORK (Due 8/31):  

W 8/31​          The Rhetorical Situation; Purpose and Audience; Purpose and Audience 
                         Exercise; Connecting with a Specific Audience (Group Social Media 
                         Exercise): Describe your brand's personality (as if you are describing a 
                         person); Describe your relationship with the customer (or group you're 
                         attempting to connect with); Similar company personalities (i.e., like people
                         you are friends with); Adjectives describing what our brand is NOT; Post 
                         answers to Blog by end of Class;  Set up group and shared doc on Google 
                         Drive; Scenarios:  Company attempting to sell a commodity good; Company 
                         selling a service; a publication of some type attempting to grow its audience 
                         base; a nonprofit attempting to persuade an audience about a topic; a 
                         political campaign promoting the election of a candidate; A PAC attempting 
                         to change public opinion about a current political issue or attempting to 
                         elect a particular candidate

                         HOMEWORK (Due W 9/7)
                          In one MS Word Document.  Page 1:  Finish Group Exercise:  Write
                         social media post and include image.;  Indicate social media platform 
                         where you intend to post (IG, Twitter, FB, etc.).       
                         Page 2: Explain the following:  Who was your audience?  What did you 
                         hope this post would achieve? How did ensure you achieved your 
                          purpose?  Explain choices and provide examples/evidence. Min. 300 
                          sure all group member names are on document.

Week 2
M 9/5             NO CLASS, LABOR DAY

W 9/7              Review The Writing Process, Purpose, and Audience; Share Group Social
                          Media Exercises; Blog Post: What did you learn about Audience, Purpose, 
                          and Voice from the group exercise? What is your biggest "takeaway?"

                          HOMEWORK (Due 9/12):   
                          discuss in detail
                          Sanders conveys about  his grandfather? What kind of man does Sanders 
                          portray him to be and how do you know this (use quotes from the piece to 
                          support your argument)?

Week 3
 M 9/12           Discuss Essay 1; Discuss Sanders Essay;  Freewrite:  Who is someone that
                          has made a huge  impact and impression on you in your life? How did 
                          knowing them change you?  How would you describe them to someone that 
                          has never met them?  What adjectives would you use and why?

                          HOMEWORK (Due 9/14):
                          conveys about her friend, Kitty? How does the author offer readers a peek 
                          into Kitty's heart and mind? Point to specific examples/quotes from the 
                          Submit to Week 3  folder in ulearn.
                          Make an appointment for interview; must be completed by M 9/19

W 9/14             Discuss Macenulty Text; Blog Post in Class; Group exercise 
                           Practice Interview & Open-Ended Questions (The Art of the Interview)

                           HOMEWORK (Due 9/19):
                           well you think Gilmore performed in each category.  Identify strengths 
                           and weaknesses.  Aruge why you scored it the way you did by pointing to 
                           specific examples and quotes from the essay. It must be a minimum of 600 
                           words (but can be more).
                          min. 2 pages; submit to week 3 folder

Week 4

                           HOMEWORK (Due 9/21):

W 9/21           Invention Work and Organizing Ideas

                           HOMEWORK (Due 9/26):
                         First Draft of Essay 1; Upload to Ulearn AND Submit to Smarthinking; 
                         Draft must meet all minimum requirements

Week 5
M 9/26            First Version of Essay 1 Due;Why Critique? Critique Process; 

                          HOMEWORK (Due 9/28): 
​                           Ulearn AS ONE MS WORD FILE
​                           feedback/report and your revision plan as ONE MS Word file to Ulearn in 
​                          the Week 5 folder

W 9/28           CONFERENCES; Peer Critique

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/3):
Week 6
M 10/3            CONFERENCES

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/5):

W 10/5             Final Draft of Essay 1 Due with Reflection;
                           Intro to Investigating & Explaining;  Academic Research Paper;
                           Discuss purpose of assignment and begin exploration phase 
                           of project. Watch a TED Talk; Discuss Importance of Curiosity
                           and How to Develop a Research Question and Why; How can I
                           Find a Possible Academic Topic? Do Blog Post in Class

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/10):                                                  

                          Post to Your Blog; 

Week 7

W 10/12          How should I use my research question to develop a tentative thesis and an 
                          Intro to Annotated Bibliography;  See example annotated
                          bibliography;  Discuss Introducing Sources, Signal Phrases, & 
                         Databases (Explore); 

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/17):
                          Century Pop Culture:  From Cult Status To Mainstream
                          International Multimedia Success" by Maurice Davis
                          response  to Ulearn : 
                          What is the thesis of this essay? Identify  the specific sentence. 
                          Does the author correctly  introduce sources, use author tags
                          and qualifiers? Does the author fully develop her ideas and
                          provide good examples? Were there places you wanted more
                          information?  Was this author credible to you? Why
                          or why not?

Week 8
M 10/17          Library Instruction; Research Topic Proposals Due; Gather Research

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/19):    

W 10/19         Work Day for Annotated Bibliography/Research

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/24):   
                          both videos combined.

Week 9
M 10/24          Annotated Bibliography, First Three Citations Due; Creating an Outline; 
                           Review MLA (sample paragraph)

                           HOMEWORK (Due 10/26):  

W 10/26         Annotated Bibliography Due, Final 3 Annotations; Discuss Outline

                          HOMEWORK (Due 10/31):  
​                          Complete Outline of Research Paper; Upload to Ulearn by class time.

Week 10
​M 10/31           Outline of Research Paper due; Work day for Outline (Due by 5pm)

                          HOMEWORK (Due 11/2):   

W 11/2             First TWO PAGES of Academic Research Project due;
                           SUMMARY VS. ANALYSIS: What's the difference? 

                          HOMEWORK (Due 11/7):   

​Week 11               
M 11/7            Practice Analysis in Class (2nd article, same topic); Submit to Ulearn 
                         by End of Class 

                         HOMEWORK (Due 11/9):  

W 11/9            First Draft of Academic Research Project Due; Exchange Papers
                          for Critique; Why do we Critique? CONFERENCES

                           HOMEWORK (Due 11/14):  
                          BOTH PARTS to ​ Ulearn AS ONE MS WORD FILE
​                          ​ feedback/report and your revision plan as ONE MS Word file to Ulearn in 
​                         the Week 11 folder

Week 12  
M 11/14           Peer Critique; CONFERENCES

                          HOMEWORK (Due 11/16):  

W 11/16          Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan Due; Review Strategies for 
                         Understanding Visuals; Analyze Image; Blog Post; Meet Group for Group
                         Project and Create Shared Google Docs

                          HOMEWORK (Due 11/21): 

Week 13
M 11/21          Final Draft of Academic Research Paper Due with Reflection
                         Analyze Image; Blog Post; Preview Portfolio

                          HOMEWORK (Due 11/7): 


                         HOMEWORK (Due 11/28):
​                           Possible Search Terms: Michael Cheval; Duy Huynh; Julie Heffernan;
​                           Surrealism and Art; surreal art; absurdist art
​                          MUST KNOW TITLE OF PIECE AND ARTIST'S NAME, no exceptions
                        Begin working on portfolio

Week 14
                          Choose Topic for  Visual Analysis and Complete Invention Work in Class

                           HOMEWORK (Due 11/28):

W 11/30         Work Day for Group Project; make sure portfolio pages visible to visitors

                           HOMEWORK (Due 12/5):
                          First full draft of Visual Analysis Due; one copy per group; everyone's
                          name on document; upload one copy to ulearn
                          Each group member uploads a copy of paper to Smarthinking

Week 15
M 12/5          First Draft,Visual Analysis Due; Exchange for Critique; portfolio pages 
                        visible to visitors?

                        HOMEWORK (Due 12/7):
                       ​ feedback/report and your revision plan as ONE MS Word file to Ulearn in 

W 12/7          Share Peer Critiques; Workday for Group Project

                         HOMEWORK (Due 12/12):
                        Course Portfolio Due; add content to pages and make sure visible to visitors
                        Submit ONE copy of final draft of Visual Analysis for Group; all group 
                        member names on document
                        Each group member completes their own individual, separate reflection per
                        instructions in class; 2 pages

Week 16
M 12/12        Portfolio Due; Final Draft of Visual Analysis Due with Reflection; Due by