ENG 1024
TR 2:00-3:155  ACAD 423
Fall 2022
Tentative Course Schedule

NOTE:  This schedule may change as needed.  Your presence in class ensures correct assignments

    WEEK 1    WEEK 2    WEEK 3    WEEK 4    WEEK 5    WEEK 6    WEEK 7    WEEK 8

    WEEK 9    WEEK 10    WEEK 11    WEEK 12    WEEK 13    WEEK 14    WEEK 15    

    WEEK 16

T 8/30       Introduction to Course; 

                    Homework (DUE 9/1):  

  •           Review syllabus and complete syllabus quiz in Week 1 folder of ulearn
  •           Make a list of THREE issues from this database that interests you and post 
                    to your blog.  List each general topic (i.e., Genetically modified foods, etc.) 
                    and then in two or three sentences for each issue explain what specifically
                    interests you about the topic and what more you'd like to learn about it.

R 9/1​         Everything is an Argument; Types of argument;  Argument, persuasion, & 
                    propaganda; Overview;  in-class exercises:  AD;   MADDASPCA

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/6):
  •           Continue to explore the Opposing Viewpoints database
  •           Make a second list of THREE issue from this database that interets you and
  •           post to your blog.  List each general topic (i.e., Climage change, etc.) and 
  •           then in two or three sentences for each issue explain what specifically 
  •           interests you about the topic and what more you'd like to learn about it.


T 9/6         Reading Arguments &The core of an argument: 
                    The Rhetorical Triangle; The Rhetorical Situation 
                    Important Argument Terms;  Rhetorical Appeals; Importance of Audience; 
                    Exercise:  Visual Analysis of Ad

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/8):            
                    From your list of six issues from last two class' homework, choose the topic
                    that currently interests you most; locate ONE article realting to your issue 
                    from the library database (Opposing Viewpoints) and annotate it as you 
                    read by underlining important passgage, taking notes in the margins, etc.
  •           Next, write a two page analysis of this article by answering the following
                    What was the title of the article that you read?  Who was the author?
                    What do you know about the author? What is their background/expertise?
                    What issue did the article deal with? What was the author's position and 
                    what is their purpose in writing this piece? What do you consider a 
                    significant piece of  evidence? A particularly strong or weak point? Who is 
                    the auidence that the author is writing for (For this consider age, race, sex, 
                    socio-econmic background, educational level, etc.)? What do you think 
                    prompted the author to write this piece? What is the most important thing
                    you learned from this article? How/why do you agree or disagree with the 
  •           When you answer any question above, explain why you see what you see.
  •            For instance, if you feel a particular piece of evidence is weak, why do you
                     think so?  Always provide specifics to help your reader understand your 

                    Don't forget to bring the article to class. You are expected to discuss it with 
                    the class.  Be prepared to do that.

R 9/8​         Importance of Finding a Topic of Interest; How to Use Databases
                    Explore Issues: Begin discussion of articles using questions   
                    from homework for 9/6. Issue Presentation Sign Up

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/13):
  •            In a min. 0f 300 words, explain who you think the intended audience of 
                    this piece is, what is its overall claim, and how does it appeal to logos, 
                    pathos, and ethos. Support your argument with specific evidence and 
                    examples from the text. Upload to ulearn.

T 9/13         Continue discussion of articles using questions from 
                      homework of 9/6;  introduction to issue presentations and issue connection
                      paper; Begin research process:  Introduction to the Annotated 

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/15): 
  •           Begin work on Annotated Bibliography

R 9/15      Issue Proposal Due; Forming an Argument; What is a Text? Image Response 
                   Arko Datta; Blog Post; Review Strategies for Understanding 
                   Visuals (Visual Rhetoric); Blog Post; Discussion     

                  HOMEWORK (DUE 9/20):
                  notes as you watch. Include important points, concepts, and quotes. This
                  counts as responses 2 &3. Log in to Kanopy database using JWU credentials.
                  Video is 74 minutes. Your notes should be a min. of 600 words and uploaded
                  to ulearn.
  •         This information will be important to your Ad Analysis later.
  •          ​​​Continue to work on Annotated Bibliography


T 9/20      Discuss Ad Analysis Essay; Image Response 2, Blog, Analysis, Discussion: 
                   Burger King; 

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/22):  

R 9/22      1st half of Annotated Bibliography Due; Image Response 3, Blog, Analysis,

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/27):


T 9/27       Complete Invention Work in Class for Ad

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 9/29):  
                    First Draft of Ad Analysis Due; submit to Ulearn and to 
                    Smarthinking Tutor

R 9/29       1st draft of Ad Analysis due; Why Critique? Exchange drafts for critique; 

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 10/4):
  •           Complete Critique of Partner's Paper (BOTH parts); upload to ulearn
  •           Submit Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan (Both parts) to ulearn
  •           Continue to Revise Ad Analysis


T 10/4        Peer Critique (contact your partner); CONFERENCES (ON ZOOM BY

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 10/6): 
                    Final Draft of Ad Analysis Due with Reflection; upload to Ulearn as ONE
                    MS Word document

R  10/6       Work Day for Annotated Bibliography; NO REGULAR CLASS MEETING;

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/11):


T 10/11       Final Draft of Ad Analysis Due with Reflection; Discuss Exploratory Essay

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/13):   
                     by Kasey Gillis
  •           Do Reader Response 4 by posting a 300 word response to the following 
                    questions to Ulearn by class time on Thursday: Does the author clearly 
                    present three positions on this issue? Which source represents which 
                    position? Examine the content of the paper. Does the author adequately 
                    answer each of the questions for each source as outlined in the instructions 
                    for this assignment? Was there something that wasn't explained for 
                   something that could have been explained in more detail?

R 10/13     2nd half of Annotated Bibliography due; 3 Issue Presentations (Hamlor, 
                    Torres, and Sanchez)

                     HOMEWORK (10/18):
  •           Complete detailed notes for each video and post to​ Ulearn(min. 600 words 
  •            total)
  •           Complete Understanding MLA Quiz in Ulearn (VERY IMPORTANT!)  


T 10/18      3 Issue Presentations (Tarleton, Mascardo, and Koski)////////////

                        HOMEWORK (DUE 10/20):
  •             Complete detailed video notes for each video and post to​ Ulearn (MIN. of 600 
                      words total)
  •             Complete quiz in Ulearn (most common citations)
  •             Complete Academic Voice & MLA Citation Quiz in Ulearn (30
                      minutes long); VERY IMPORTANT & Must be completed before class time on  
                       and cited page

R  10/20     Practice MLA Format; Presentation (Godett)

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 10/25):   
  •             First Draft of Exploratory Paper Due; upload to ulearn and submit to     
                       Smarthinking Tutor​


T 10/25      First Draft of Exploratory Paper Due; Why Critique? Exchange Papers;   
                     2 Issue Presentations  (Lari and 

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 10/27):   
  •            Complete Peer Critique of Partner's Paper (BOTH parts); submit to ulearn.
  •            Complete Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan (BOTH parts); submit to 
  •            Continue to Revise Exploratory Paper

R 10/27     Peer Critique; 2 Issue Presentations

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/1):
                    Final Draft of Exploratory Essay Due with Reflection; upload to ulearn as 
                    ONE MS Word Doc


T 11/1       Final Draft of Exploratory Paper Due with Reflection; Discuss Problem Solving
                  Essay; Notes on Problem Solving; Set up Shared Google Docs for Group and 
                  Meet Group Members

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/3):  
                    Read "Hybrids and Flexible Fuel Tanks: The Solution to
                    Rising Gas Prices in the US" by Haagensen, Rivellini & Sterner
                    Identify & discuss how the authors adress each of the four steps of Problem 
                    Solving. Provide specific examples from the essay.

R 11/3       Discuss Problem Solving EssayNotes on Problem Solving
                    Decide on Topic (work with one group member's topic or choose something

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/8):  
                    Each group member locates 2 sources for paper and writes and annotation for
                    each; bring annotations and sources to class

T 11/8        Issue Connection Paper Due; Meet with groups to complete invention work  

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 11/10): 
  •           No homework

R 11/10       Meet with groups (discuss individual annotations; work on thesis 
                     statement/outline); Begin Drafting

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 11/15):   
                      Continue to work on Draft; writer #1 brings first 2 pages (include citations)


T 11/15        Discuss first two pages; Continue to Draft

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 11/17):
                     Writer #2 adds next 2 pages (include citations)

R 11/17       Discuss Draft; what's working/not working?  Continue to Draft and Revise

                     HOMEWORK (DUE 11/22):
                     Writer #3 adds next 2 pages (includes citations)


T 11/22       Discuss Draft; What's Working/Not Working?  Continue to Draft and Revise

                      HOMEWORK (DUE 11/29);
                      First Draft of Problem Solving Essay Due (ONE COPY FOR GROUP; ALL 
                      GROUP MEMBER NAMES ON DOC); upload to ulearn
                      Each group member submits a copy of draft to Smarthinking Tutor for 
                      Setup pages for course portfolio



T 11/29      First Draft of Problem Solving Essay Due; Why Critique; Exchange Papers;

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 12/1):
                    Complete critique of partner's essay (BOTH parts); upload to ulearn
                    Complete Smarthinking Report and Revision Plan (BOTH parts); each group 
                    member completes their own and uploads to ulearn

R 12/1        Peer Critique; Meet with Group to Discuss Revisions and Smarthinking 

                    HOMEWORK (DUE 12/6):
                    Final Draft of Problem Solving Essay due; submit one copy to ulearn for 
                    group with all group member names on document
                    Each student does their own individual reflection per instructions in class (2 
                    pages) and uploads to ulearn


T 12/6        Final Draft of Group Project due with Reflection; Workday for Course Portfolio
R 12/8       Workday for Course Portfolio


R 12/15     Course Portfolio Due by 3:30pm; make sure pages are visible